My name is Ari. Ariyanti Tjiang. Known as Ms Tjiang. I’m twenty one years old. I’ve always been and will always be twenty one years old (since age can't be the measure of maturity).

I like to do a lot of things, including writing (mostly short stories, television, essays, music, the thingy things I love, this awesome life, and dramatic love life), playing music (mostly guitar, ember, baskom, whatever!), singing (loudly not so skilfully, well, I sing the way that I want to, forget about those portraiture, those vibration, and improvisation, I'm autodidact)

I’m passionately interested in fashion, traveling, photographing, and culinary.

I wear anything that comfort me, go to the hell with brand! I don't care! as long it looks good on  me and make me look thinner not fatter than I should be.

I Love to traveling around the world. anywhere! be a backpacker sounds good, but depends on who am I spend the holiday with. I love beach, I love Mountains, I love land. I love you, do you love me too? *WTH*

I do photographing, snap everything around, anything, and everyone that got my attention. I never stop to learn this one. I love every cameras! lomo, SLR, Polaroid. all this thingy things make me lost my mind and my money either.

I love this words "Culinary" I love food, I love anything! eventhought I can't eat all the meats in this world entire. Well there's some exception! I love any sweetness, I love any traditional food, Western, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Asian! And I love spicy. some crunchy things. Oh God! my mouth get watering.

I'm too friendly to be your enemy. I'm too sweet to be the one you hate. I'm too hot to be the center of your attention. you can talk behind my back, you can pretend, you can love me and hate me at the same time, or whatever. I don't mind. I'm too busy with my own business, I don't wanna added your negative thought into mine.

I’m looking into several careers in writing/singing/broadcasting. They are probably not looking into me. pheewww *comb my bangs*

Anyway, I love to sneaking into places that I’m not supposed to be sometimes. So, watch me under your bed or your dresser. I can be in everywhere! anywhere!

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